Tree Services

Tree Assessment

Starburn Horticulture personel will conduct a complete inventory of the trees on your property. This evaluation includes an assessment of any structural issues, growing conditions and any pest or disease issues where applicable.

Planting Service

Correct planting technique will maximize the opportunities for your chosen trees. Our trained crew will replace or remove inadequate soil at the site, mulch the trees and stake them.

Corrective Pruning

Almost every tree will need some structural adjustment at least once in its life. Maximize the investment in your trees and landscape by having our certified arborist apply corrective pruning to insure your trees have the right shape to resist disease and structural damage.


Trees grow so slowly in our climate that some special attention can be well worth the effort. We will remove grass and weeds that compete for air, water and nutrients. Then with compost, mulch and fertilizer your trees growth opportunties are optimized.

Tree Pruning Calgary